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Remote Deposit

Scan hundreds of checks and deposit them INSTANTLY!

Today, you can make bank deposits from your office any time of the day or night! Technology has arrived that will allow you to scan checks for deposit to your account with Interstate Bank, ssb from the convenience of your office. To make a deposit, you no longer have to drive to the Bank during “banking” hours. With the latest improvement in electronic banking, check processing is a lot more convenient.

What Are The Benefits ?

  • Commercial clients may transmit check images for deposit to the Bank.
  • The depositor will have a correct deposit total before transmitting.
  • The depositor will receive confirmation of the transaction via the internet.
  • The depositor may retain the original checks for destruction or retention.
  • The deposit is posted to the account when received by the Bank.

Remote Deposit combines the image processing with your online banking system. It’s easy to implement and directly benefits your business.

You can save time and money handling your deposit needs from the convenience of your office. All you need to get started is a special scanner and the software from Interstate Bank, ssb. Come by or call to visit with Your Personal Banker to get the details on remote deposit and to start making deposits from your office.


Interstate Bank, ssb Offers More Flexibility; No Restrictions
Checks Regular ACH Systems Remote Deposit
Maximum Check Amount $2,500 Max Unlimited / No Max
Consumer Checks Yes Yes
Business Check No Yes
Time for Check Writer Dispute 60 Days 72 Hours


We provide you with everything you need to get started…

Set up the Scanner wherever you have an internet connection
Desktop icon permits easy secure login.
Select New Deposit
Place checks in scanner and scan Checks
After scanning and totals have been verified, click deposit.


Everything posts instantly with the following cut-off exceptions: Every day, the cut-off to instantly receive deposits is 5:00pm. Anything deposited between 5:00pm and the start of the business the next day is deposited at 5:00pm the next day.